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Your Job as a Nonprofit Professional is
About to Get a Whole Lot Easier...
and More FUN

How would you like to start your week off with something that's:

  • FUN,
  • will help you FUNDRAISE,
  • and is totally FREE?

Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals may be just the thing for you. It's a fun weekly video series that's totally free. It features other fundraising professionals talking about how they overcome the many challenges of fundraising and working at a nonprofit.

Movie Mondays will help you:

  • Put more fun in your day
  • Enliven board meetings with fresh approaches
  • Conduct successful asks with donors
  • Craft unforgettable fundraising events
  • Create more buzz around your organization
  • Leave work each day with a satisfied sigh :)

You can start learning from and enjoying Movie Mondays NOW!

Immediately after you sign up you will receive a bonus Movie Mondays titled "Strengthening Donor Relations with Questions".

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... Do you find every year being a repetition of the previous year (raise more money, find more donors, deal with board members' expectations, plan donor events, write grants...)?

You're constantly struggling to meet your nonprofit organization's mission and needs, year after year... but who's watching out for your needs?

Do you ever feel like the people around you just think you go out and have "coffee with Rich people"? When somebody suggests a new program, do they assume you can make the needed money "magically" appear?

Do you sometimes have a hard time communicating with board members and senior staff?

Even though you love making a difference, do some days just seem harder than others to be upbeat and motivated?

You're Not Alone

Many fundraising professionals feel the same way. That's why I created "Movie Mondays" as a weekly series for fundraising professionals.

Imagine coming into the office every Monday morning knowing there was a personal team of like-minded nonprofit "friends" waiting to share their experiences, creative insights and hard earned wisdom with you.

Would that relieve some of the tension in your shoulders?

That's exactly what "Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals" does.

Real Fundraising Professionals with Real Experience

I have interviewed and filmed over 70 fundraising professionals (Development Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, Donors, etc.)... people with real world experiences and knowledge... In fact, I'm constantly filming fundraising professionals with unique perspectives and fresh ideas.

Each week I take these interviews and turn them into short videos (3-5 minutes) where your colleagues talk about how they overcome particular problems.

Every Monday morning I send an email that contains a link to the short video. The email goes out to all the Movie Monday subscribers. Subscriptions to Movie Mondays is is totally free.

Once you become a subscriber, I'll send you the same link I email to all the other professional fundraisers who watch. When you get the email, just simply click on the link and your nonprofit colleagues will show you how they:

  • Find Major Donors,
  • Handle Stress,
  • Make the Ask,
  • Encourage Board Members to Fundraise,
  • Create more Public Awareness,
  • Prioritize their time
  • Find and Train Volunteers,
  • Steward Donors
  • And a lot more... all while you drink your morning coffee.

One huge benefit from these movies is the ability to use them in board meetings and to use them as 3rd party validation for your own ideas. I know that sometimes it's hard to get a point across to different members of your team. Movie Mondays provides an excellent way to make a point or to start a discussion.

Sign up today. It's free and if you want to unsubscribe, it's as easy as clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email... and your privacy is very important to me. I will not rent or share your name or email with anyone else.

Sign up below.

What fundraising professionals are saying about Movie Mondays

"Your short videos are absolutely priceless... Excellent work, I just love seeing them every Monday."

Susan Daily, CFRE
Boys & Girls Clubs of DE

"Great movie this week. I'm stealing all those lines to use with my board next time around."

Mike Simonsen
Development Director
American Association of
Variable Star Observers

"Love it -- this was my first video, and I really enjoyed it. Shared it via Twitter, Digg and Delicious."

Jeremy Gregg, CFRE
Executive Director
Executives in Action

"Excellent. Inspiration for a rough week ahead!... The bottom line is that many development people don't have time for ongoing training. These videos are a great boost."

Ann Hyatt
Legal Services of
the Hudson Valley

"A while ago I began sending the links to Movie Mondays to all our board members. After a few weeks several of them let me know I did not need to continue sending them the link because they saw them as valuable enough for their Board role as fund raisers that they had signed up to get them directly."

William H. Dorn IV
Major Gifts and Planned Giving Manager
Senior Services

"I am really loving the nuggets of information ... I thank you so much for them!"

Kathy Nicklaus
Cancer Alliance of Naples, Inc

"This could not have come at a better time! Thanks for the timely post that provides clarity and validation."

Gina Sideris
Grants Director
Little Kids Rock

"I've just viewed the last two videos -- WOWZER! Each time I experience your videos, I find myself smiling and taking the deepest breath, knowing that you are out there doing this work and making it available to so many people. You are providing such a welcome service to the community."

Stephanie Doty
Development Director

"Your Movie Monday videos are great! Thanks for bringing ideas and people to
my desktop!"

Sheila Jackson
Development Director
Multi-Service Center

"This was another EXCELLENT movie clip! Thank you!!!"

Judy Held
Benefis Healthcare Foundation

"There is a "nugget" in the movie for everyone..."

Lisa Attonito
Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Inc.

"I wanted to thank you for these fantastic Movies that I get in my inbox! It is such a wonderful and motivational way to start the week. Every Monday when I watch one, it gives me inspiration to go out and do what I enjoy, even if it is a bit more difficult at times."

Carly Young
Assistant Director of Development
Washington State University College of Education

"My staff watches Movie Mondays at our weekly meeting and then have discussion about the idea shared. A great resource."

Barbara Whitehurst
Major Gifts & Planned Giving Manager

"Your videos have been extremely helpful and encouraging."

Heidi Wong
Fund Development Coordinator
Kin On Health Care Center

"I want to send you kudos on this week’s Movie Monday – it was so inspiring and right on target. I’ve shared with our entire staff."

Martha Richardson
Director of Development
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Vermont Division, All America Chapter

"I've used particular movies with our board members as a way of sharing information or providing inspiration where and when we need it most...I love the Monday Movies! "

Ann New
Development Associate
Center for Courage & Renewal


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