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There are just three ways to grow your donations

First - Get new donors

Second - Cause your current donors to donate more often

Third - Persuade your donors to make larger donations.

If you can do one of these things, your donations will grow. That's good, but...if you can do all three things, your donations will grow grow grow! That means, you'll have a lot more money coming in...and coming in a lot faster.

A "501" fundraising video helps you do just that.

Turns people into donors and donors into larger givers

"501" fundraising videos are extraordinary. They have the power to strike an emotional chord in the heart of your donors (and prospective donors). Stephanie Cline at the Harrison Medical Center Foundation found that out. To read how she raised $65,000 in 15 minutes using one of our videos, click here.

The Executive Director at Harmony Hill (a cancer retreat center), told me of an unexpected way their video was used to raise money. One of their former participants shared the DVD at his family's reunion. Visibly moved by the video, family members made a donation right then and there.

Makes your job easier with less stress

How many times have you run out of time at work? You just don't seem to have the time to call your donors, let alone your prospective donors. Your job is to raise money, right? :)

But there are days when everything goes right, when you have the time, and you say all the correct things. People give to you without blinking...but then it happens. The next day it's a struggle to even get one gift. Why is that? Did you loose your enthusiasm? Were you tired?

How would you like to bottle up your time, enthusiasm and your energy? be available at any given notice? How would you like a clone of yourself to go out and raise money? To go out there and work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Wouldn't that be great?

That's exactly what a "501" video does.

It's almost like Free money

Imagine handing your volunteers, friends, donors and family a DVD to share with others. Imagine emailing a link to your video to everyone on your list. How many people do you think would watch it in the first week? How many people can you see it spreading to in the second week? Can you see donors responding to it as it's shown at your gala auction or special event?

Just like in the above Harmony Hills' DVD story, you don't know where your video will end up and who will be writing you a check. But it will happen.

If you'd like to know more about how a "501" video can help you raise more money easier, please email or call me. To view some video samples, click here. Or if you want to know how Stephanie was able to raise $65,000 in 15 minutes, click here.

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