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The top 7 reasons nonprofits
make documentaries

Is your reason for wanting to make a documentary on this list?

#1 - Anniversary Celebration

#2 - Education for donors, staff, or the public

#3 - Fund raise

#4 - Preserve History

#5 - Awareness

#6 - To honor someone

#7 - Change policy


#8 - Any combination of the above reasons

Last year, I was hired to go to Tanzania. A donor who supports International Evangelism Outreach (IEO), decided to fund a documentary. He wanted it to capture the story of why the founder started IEO. He also wanted to show some of the projects they are working on in Africa with an emphasis on drilling wells and building a hospital. There's also a soft ask at the end that has generated donations of materials and money. This documentary is shown in churches, on the internet, and in private homes. You can view this 12 minute documentary on the samples page.

With a documentary, you'll have a wonderful vehicle to tell your story. Many times somebody will hire me to capture a significant event in their organization's history or just to tell their history so that new people will know how and why the organization exists.

Several years ago I was commissioned to make a 60 minute documentary about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This was right before 9/11. The documentary, Letters to the Wall, has gone on to help thousands of veterans and families of veterans. It has been shown in movie theaters and on television. You can view a clip of "Letters to the Wall" on the samples page.

So, if you're looking to have your story told in a way that will affect many people, make a documentary. Especially if you have an important anniversary coming up, or you want something to really capture the heart and history of your organization. For people just becoming acquainted with you, this is priceless.

If you'd like to know more about how 501 Videos can make a documentary for you, please email or call me. To view some documentary samples, click here.

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